Small groups

Our small groups (or home groups) are an active part of church life and a great way to get to know each other more, get support and encouragement - and develop a deeper relationship with a specific group of people - and most importantly to strengthen oyr faith and knowledge.  If you would like to know more about the groups - please refer to ChurchSuite if you are a member - or complete this form and we will get back to you

People usually meet together in various homes on different days and times.

For example one group of ladies meet every Tuesday from about 1.30pm to 2.30pm to share and support each other as they seek to get to know the bible and God better. Alternate weeks, they meet as a group of about 16 in the church and then in the intervening weeks, they meet in three smaller groups, two in people’s houses. They also have socials from time to time. 

Other groups are mixed and may be focussed around a particular location in Didcot, most meet in the evenings.  There is likely to be a group that will suit your circumstances and availability.

Whenever they meet, small groups are a great way to get know people better, study the Bible with friends and are a great source of encouragement.

You may wish to use the links below to download examples of supporting materials previously used by small groups. 

Series 2

Session 1 - Defining faith - Abraham

Session 2 - Saving faith - Rahab

Session 3 - Finding faith

Session 4 - Growing in faith

Session 5 - Refining faith

Session 6 - Community & faith

Session 7 - Can faith be lost or stolen?

Session 8 - Contagious faith

Session 9 - Courageous faith


Series 1

Session 1 - Deacons – Acts 6:5,6

Session 2 - Ananias – Acts 9:10

Session 3 - Tabitha (Dorcas) – Acts 9:36

Session 4 - Agabus – Acts 11:27-30; 21:10,11

Session 5 - John-Mark -- Acts 12:12

Session 6 - Mary – Acts 12:12-17

Session 7 - Rhoda – Acts 12:13

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