Partnership Agreement


In August 1997 the congregations of Didcot and El Cordero de Dios Baptist Churches agreed an inter-church relationship which was drawn up after consultation between both fellowships.

The agreement identified those principles which unite us (independently as interpreted in each church's situation) and those principles which we have to keep in mind to establish and differentiate the nature of each congregation.

Principles upon which our relationship is based

  1. We have one faith, one Lord, one baptism and one Spirit
  2. We belong to the body of Christ dispersed in the world
  3. Despite the distance which seperates us and our differences, we are called to unity within the body of Christ
  4. Only in unity of the body of Christ is it possible to witness to non-believers of one God who loves us and wishes for our salvation
  5. In unity we are called to exercise the mission of proclaiming the good news in a world where the absence of Kingdom values is evident.

  1. Because our congregations have grown and developed in different contexts and histories there are differences which merit mutual respect
  2. Respect for the sovereignty and autonomy of each congregation, under the authority of Jesus Christ.  In situations where it involves taking a decision which involves both churches there ought to be consultations involving both churches
  3. The relationship ought to transcend co-operation at a material level.  This possibility is not discarded but it is much better that we avoid this as the basis of our co-operation.

The purpiose which we follow
To share the spirituality of our lives, to enrich our church, spiritual and social experience and to accept the changes and commitments that this implies.

Means by which we make possible our relationship

  1. To share information about those experiences (spiritual, church and social) of interest to both churches, for mutual encouragement, and concern and that each congregation can pray meaningfully for their brothers and sisters across the world
  2. The promotion and communication by correspondence between families of our comgregations.  We intend by this to make our relationship "from the bottom"
  3. Promotion of, communication by correspondence between young people, men and women.  This will allow us to pass on to future generations the need for unity within the body of Christ which is dispersed in the world
  4. When possible to carry out reciprocal visits, which will allow us to enjoy more direct fellowship between ourselves
  5. Material co-operation between both congregations.  This means to share that which we have according to our own possibilities.

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