Housing Project

Many of the homes in the San Pedro community (such as they were) were completely destroyed in the earthquake in January 2001.  Whilst most were replaced by so called temporary housing with government aid there is no further help to provide more permanent homes which will be more resilient to future earthquakes.

Example of one of the temporary houses/shelters which will be replaced

El Cordero are wanting to continue their programme to assist the community with the building of permanent housing (see an example in the picture below) and  they have put forward a housing project to build 16 homes over three years.

They have appointed a management committee and are now seeking to raise the necessary funding. The average cost per home for which they are looking for outside funding, will be $3,053.25 which at current exchange rates is around £1,600. It is our hope and prayer that friends of El Cordero de Dios around the world will support them in their efforts to reach out to the community of San Pedro to provide more homes for families like Israel. Please see full details in the project proposal available for download.

Pictured below are the family of Israel who are living in the first house in the San Pedro community built with funding provided be friends at Didcot Baptist Church.

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