Housing Project Update

The El Cordero de Dios church have a number of homes for families in the San Pedro community. At the time of an earlier visit in 2006, this included four houses to be built with funding from the UK, (two with money sent from Didcot Baptist Church and two with money from Upton Vale Baptist Church, Torquay). They had money in hand for a further two houses, one for Lucio and his family shown below (with Mike and Sue behind)

Below, Mike and Pastor Tito can be seen laying the first stone during our visit and which will be built in November with another still to be built and the family to be selected (with money taken in July).

Families that have had houses built have then helped build homes for others in the community. The other houses have been built with the help of funding from elsewhere; grants from FEBES and Baptist men from the USA.

Although the initial project was to build 16 houses which they will have done once they have used the money in hand, they feel that they should continue to replace poor housing in the community. Following the earthquake they identified 26 families in particular need, although there were many more. Of these, they built 10 houses from 2001 – 2004 and five more were built by other organisations working in the community. At the end of 2004 they reviewed the situation and identified another group of 17 families of which six have had houses built and they have the funds in hand for a further two.

During our time in El Salvador we visited San Pedro on three occasions and met all of the families for whom houses have been built who ask that we pass on their thanks to members of Didcot Baptist Church and Upton Vale Baptist Church who have made this possible.

There is still a great need in the community for more homes that will withstand the hurricanes, tropical storms and earthquakes that frequently effect that part of the world.