Soul in Didcot

What is Soul in Didcot

SiD is about Uniting, Serving and Celebrating

Christians from Didcot and further afield uniting to bless and serve this town through acts of grace and love. To serve out of love of God and love of our fellow human beings, and have great fun working together with a shared purpose. To see areas of the town transformed and to show people that they matter to God is a very real privilege.

Social Action Days

Social Action days involve teams of people serving in the community – gardens tidied, paths cleared, litter picked up. People are visited, listened to, prayed for.  These days are a fantastic chance to show Christ’s love in practical ways in the community.

Community Fun

Here’s where the celebrating comes in – a chance to celebrate with the community, both the social action completed and lives touched in sharing God’s love. For example in 2014 this involved a free afternoon for all ages in Edmonds Park; with opportunities to enjoy time with friends and family (through a community art project, sports skills, games, music and drama), spaces for people to reflect on faith (through prayer spaces, and a church service) and opportunities to have someone to talk to (through the ‘listening sofa’, and the Cafe Space).