Redeveloping the front of our premises

After several years of planning, Didcot Baptist Church has now seen a major redevelopment of its premises.

With the church growing and an increasing breadth of projects being run from the premises, the Church decided in 2019 to go ahead with redevelopment of the front of the premises. Church members personally gave over £430,000 towards the project with grants supplying the balance of £110,000.

The new redevelopment delivers an enlarged, flexible space to match the growing need of church and community groups who use the facilities each week. In addition, upgraded toilets and disabled facilities create a truly welcoming environment.


Pre-Covid, thirteen different community groups were using the facilities regularly, in addition to multiple groups run by the church, bringing the facility into use 7-days a week. These represented 1405 distinct users with a total number of people visits to the premises amounting to 48,300 over the course of the year.

Alongside Sunday services, church and community projects serve people from new-borns to those in their 90s.

Senior Pastor Tim O’Brien commented: “The Church developed a new mission statement a few years ago and this in large measure has driven this community-facing development. The Vision is ‘to be a welcoming community, following Jesus, and making him known’. We want this church to be seen as a home for all who seek spiritual and practical help, or who simply seek friendship with others; a community where we can be together and grow together.”

Associate Pastor Louise Brown added: “Our mission is centred on Jesus and focused on serving the Didcot community. This has always been the case, but this new community facility will take us to another level. Plans for how we use the new facility are already under development.”

Sunday services during the Covid lockdown took place via Zoom but restarted again in Autumn 2021.