Tayo Adeyemi

Hi, my name is Tayo Adeyemi.

One of the Elders here at Didcot Baptist Church

I am Nigerian born and brought up, moved to join my husband, Tobi Adeyemi here in the UK in 2016. I studied law and practiced as a lawyer back in Nigeria but I have since changed careers after moving to the UK and now I work as an IT project manager. We are blessed with 2 girls, Olivia and Grace..absolute joy!

I was born into a Christian family and my parents, proudly grounded in the faith encouraged us to do thesame, but as we all know, the journey of faith is so personal that you need your own conviction and so, I found God for myself and gave my life to Christ year 2 of my university study. Its been the best decision of my life.

In Christ, I have an unshaken identity, and to Him, I belong. I know what I have, having Christ  as the Lord of my life and I believe very strongly that my life's mission is to grow the kingdom of Christ by help others find Him, not just by communicating Christ to them, but by every action and the word of my mouth and body language.
Nice to meet you!